Previous Strategic Plans:

2017 - 2020

2013 - 2016

2009 - 2012

2017 - 2020

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan was developed on the culmination for the association's 50th anniversary.  A planning process was facilitated by a Strategic Planning Task Force that analyzed the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through a review of data gathered from membership needs assessments, event evaluations, and focus groups with key stakeholders.  The final, robust plan includes five strategic priorities.  CSPA-NYS 2020: A Roadmap to Continued Success was unveiled in October 2017.

2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan

CSPA-NYS 2017-2020 Strategic Plan - Approved for External Distribution (PDF)

Strategic Priority 1: Constituent Engagement

Strategic Goal 1: CSPA-NYS will enhance constituent engagement

Strategic Initiative 1.1: CSPA-NYS will create and disseminate content through its communication channels that advances the Association’s mission and vision

Strategic Initiative 1.2: CSPA-NYS will develop and operationalize a new member recruitment plan

Strategic Initiative 1.3: CSPA-NYS will assess current membership fee structure and benefits

Strategic Initiative 1.4: CSPA-NYS will increase mid-level manager opportunities for professional development and engagement in the Association

Strategic Initiative 1.5: CSPA-NYS will enhance member interaction, satisfaction and engagement

Strategic Priority 2: Association Communication & Identity

Strategic Goal 2: CSPA-NYS will enhance communication practices and increase brand recognition

Strategic Initiative 2.1: CSPA-NYS will assess and enhance communication processes

Strategic Initiative 2.2: CSPA-NYS will maintain and promote a recognizable, professional brand

Strategic Priority 3: Excellence in Professional Development

Strategic Goal 3: CSPA-NYS will become the leading provider of professional development for graduate students, new professionals, and mid-level managers across New York State

Strategic Initiative 3.1: CSPA-NYS will develop an outcomes-driven plan for the development and delivery of intentional professional development offerings

Strategic Initiative 3.2: CSPA-NYS will develop purposeful partnerships that enhance educational opportunities for our members

Strategic Initiative 3.3: CSPA-NYS will become a central resource for professional development and education across New York State

Strategic Priority 4: Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Goal 4: CSPA-NYS will strive to become a more diverse and inclusive Association with respect to marginalized identities

Strategic Initiative 4.1: CSPA-NYS will define its commitment to diversity and inclusion as an Association

Strategic Initiative 4.2: CSPA-NYS will evaluate all association materials, communications, programs and practices to ensure inclusiveness

Strategic Initiative 4.3: CSPA-NYS will develop and implement inclusive strategic recruitment efforts

Strategic Priority 5: Organizational Excellence

Strategic Goal 5: CSPA-NYS will function with increased intentionality to maximize efficiency

Strategic Initiative 5.1: CSPA-NYS will improve the effectiveness of the E-board, in individual positions and as a unit

Strategic Initiative 5.2: Collect and use data to make informed decisions regarding direction of CSPA-NYS

Strategic Initiative 5.3: Design practices and procedures to ensure responsible financial stewardship

Strategic Initiative 5.4: Enhance the fairness and transparency of the elections and appointments process

Strategic Initiative 5.5: Improve CSPA-NYS’ utilization of technology for overall effectiveness

Strategic Plan Task Force

Members of the Strategic Plan Task Force included:

  • Jude Butch, President-Elect and Chair
  • Chris Diggs, Past-President
  • Ben Fabian, President
  • Ray Fedora, Vice President for Membership
  • Danielle Lewis, Vice President-Elect for Professional Development
  • John Robert O'Connor, Vice President-Elect for Membership
  • Ericka Smith-Schubart, Treasurer
  • Amy Wilson, Faculty Liaison

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