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In 2012, the Executive Board of CSPA-NYS engaged a consultant from the Illuminare Group to conduct an assessment of the Association and provide recommendations to the board as we prepared to embark on this most recent strategic planning process.  A final presentation on findings was prepared and submitted for the board’s review in October 2012.  Based on the information gathered by our consultant, under the leadership of the Presidents of the Association, the Executive Board worked from October 2012 to February 2013 to develop the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan.

The Executive Board identified four strategic priorities that encompassed the major work of our organization and became the pillars of our plan. Each of these priorities was defined by several strategic initiatives, and each strategic initiative was mapped out by a series of concrete action steps.  A snapshot of the plan is provided below, as well as links to our full final report and the detailed tracking document utilized by the board throughout the process.

Final Report on the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan


Full Strategic Plan With Progress Tracking





Strategic Priority 1: Professional Development

Strategic Goal 1: CSPA-NYS will strengthen the educational and professional development offerings across the state for graduate students, new professionals, and mid-level managers.

Strategic Initiative 1.1: CSPA-NYS will identify and provide professional development opportunities that address competencies of the profession and current trends.

Strategic Initiative 1.2: CSPA-NYS will provide affordable and accessible professional development opportunities for CSPA-NYS members.

Strategic Initiative 1.3: CSPA-NYS will provide diverse professional development opportunities related to functional and topical areas of the field.

Strategic Initiative 1.4: CSPA-NYS will increase the awareness and recognition of professional development events for members.

Strategic Priority 2: Membership

Strategic Goal 2: CSPA-NYS will enhance recruitment and retention of members. Special attention should be given to increasing the diversity of the membership with respect to the strategic vision.

Strategic Initiative 2.1: CSPA-NYS will develop strategies to attract and recruit new members from specified target groups.

Strategic Initiative 2.2: CSPA-NYS will develop a consistent communication plan and marketing effort that articulates the benefits of membership for new and returning members.

Strategic Initiative 2.3: CSPA-NYS will expand the scope of membership by focusing recruitment efforts in specific regions.

Strategic Initiative 2.4: CSPA-NYS will develop comprehensive strategies for retaining members.

Strategic Priority 3: Communication

Strategic Goal 3: CSPA-NYS will enhance the methods by which the organization communicates with members, strategic partners, and the higher education community.

Strategic Initiative 3.1: CSPA-NYS will develop a comprehensive communication plan for the Association.

Strategic Initiative 3.2: CSPA-NYS will develop a consistent marketing strategy for the Association and its events.

Strategic Initiative 3.3: CSPA-NYS will utilize technology to communicate with current and prospective members, strategic partners, and external parties.

Strategic Priority 4: Association Performance and Excellence

Strategic Goal 4: CSPA-NYS will review the form and function of the Association in light of strategic priorities 1-3 as outlined in the strategic plan.

Strategic Initiative 4.1: CSPA-NYS will evaluate the current structure of the organization as defined by the bylaws.

Strategic Initiative 4.2: CSPA-NYS will ensure the success of this strategic plan by providing the appropriate support and resources.

Strategic Initiative 4.3: CSPA-NYS will identify ways to ensure the financial solvency of the association.