The Crystal Circle recognizes and celebrates the Past Presidents of CSPA-NYS. Individuals are inducted into the Crystal Circle upon completion of the full Presidency term, comprised of one-year as President-Elect, one-year as President, and one-year as Past President. In recognition for their service to the Association, Crystal Circle members are given lifetime membership in CSPA-NYS. All members of the Crystal Circle are listed below, along with their dates of Presidency in the Organization.

Crystal Circle Members


Dr. Fred J. McCarthy  1973-1974
Dr. Richard Covert  1974-1975
Mr. James Harr  1975-1976
Mr. Ronald Bristol  1976-1977

Dr. Daniel Bratton  1967-1969
Sr. M. Paula Fox  1969-1970
Mr. David Hartley  1970-1972
Mr. Joseph Pascale  1972-1973


Mr. Michael D’Attilio  1978-1979
Ms. Barbara Morse  1979-1980

Ms. Nancy Hoddick  1977-1978
Mr. Paul Hughes  1977-1978


Dr. Phyllis Bader-Borel  1980-1981

Dr. Patrick Smith  1980-1981


Mr. Carl Glenister  1981-1982
Mr. Charles Fisher  1982-1983
Mr. Madison Boyce  1983-1984
Dr. Marion Schrank  1984-1985
Dr. Kenneth Burda  1985-1986
Mr. Michael D'Attilio  1986-1987
Mr. Joseph Franek  1987-1988
Mr. Louis Cupertino  1988-1989
Dr. Barbara Schoonmaker  1989-1990
Dr. William Morabito  1990-1991
Ms. Carmel Scalese  1991-1992
Dr. Michael Shannon  1992-1992
Ms. Geneva Walker-Johnson  1992-1994
Mr. Dennis McDonald  1994-1995
Ms. Denise Collins  1995-1996
Ms. Wendy Neifeld Wheeler  1996-1997
Ms. Regina Sargent  1997-1998

Ms. Christine Strong  1998-2000
Mr. Eric Duchscherer  2000-2002
Ms. Leah Cassellia  2002-2003
Mr. Graham Knowles  2003-2004
Ms. Tracey Cross-Baker  2004-2005
Ms. Robin Diana  2005-2006
Ms. Deborah Pawlikowski  2006-2007.
Ms. Emily Balcom  2007-2008
Mr. Peter Fagan  2008-2009
Ms. Doreen Hettich-Atkins  2009-2010
Mr. Peter Smith  2010-2011
Dr. Brian Haggerty  2011-2012
Dr. Thomas Priester  2012-2013
Ms. Eileen Merberg  2013-2014
Ms. Doreen Hettich-Atkins  2014-2015
Ms. Christina Diggs  2015-2016
Mr. Benjamin Fabian 2016-2017