CSPA-NYS is proud to offer the following awards in recognition of outstanding student affairs practitioners and scholars working in New York State. These awards are presented at the CSPA-NYS Annual Conference each year and winners are announced via social media and the website following the conference.  The Awards Committee is comprised of CSPA-NYS members, Executive Board officers, and the President-Elect serving as committee chair.

Award Nominations

In order to nominate yourself or a colleague for a CSPA-NYS award, complete the Awards Nomination Form below. All submissions will be reviewed by our Awards Committee. If you wish to submit multiple nominations, please use a separate form for each nominee.  Candidates nominated for awards will be notified that they have been nominated for an award by CSPA-NYS and invited to attend the Awards Luncheon at the Annual Conference, this year taking place on Monday, October 15, 2018.  Candidates will not be notified as to what specific award they have been nominated for.

The deadline to nominate yourself or a colleague for an award is September 21, 2018.  Please e-mail presidents@cspanys.org for more information.

Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award

To honor a professional for outstanding service or significant contribution to the post-secondary student personnel profession. Recipients of this award must be members of the profession who have contributed significantly to or provided outstanding service to the student personnel profession and have at least five (5) years of professional experience.

Past Recipients: 2017 - Dr. Jeffrey Putman; 2016 - Dr. Ann Marie Klotz; 2015 - Dr. Timothy Ecklund; 2013 - Dr. Sandra Estanek; 2012 - Dr. Thomas Matthews; 2009 - Mike D’Attilio; 2008 - Michael D’Arcangelo; 2007 - Richard Herdlein; 2006 – Susan Salvador; 2005 - Christine Strong; 2004 - Amy Reynolds; 2003 - Robin Diana; 2002 - Margaret McCarthy; 2001- Marion Schrank; 2000 - Timothy Gallineau

Distinguished Service to Higher Education Award

To honor an educator who has given distinguished service to higher education and whose ideas show considerable promise for improving the quality of the learning climate in post-secondary institutions. Recipient must have been a practicing educator in post-secondary education for a minimum of five (5) years.

Past Recipients: 2016 - Christopher Malik; 2014 - Dr. Richard Herdlein; 2013 - Dr. Kimberly Kline; 2011 - Dr. Timothy Gallineau;  2008 - Logan Hazen; 2007 - Debra Rowe; 2006 - Lisa Maurer; 2005 - Robert Bonfiglio; 2004 - Raechele Pope; 2003 - Ray Schwarz; 2002 - Vincent Tinto; 2001 - Patrick Love; 2000 - Cathy McHugh-Engstrom

Significant Research/ Publication Award

To call attention to a significant piece (e.g. outstanding thesis, dissertation, field study) or published report (e.g. journal article, monograph, book) having both intrinsic merit and educational significance for the field of student personnel as practiced in post-secondary education institutions. Recipients of this award must be a practicing professional or a masters or doctoral candidate in the field of student personnel or a supporting discipline, OR the author of a major book or article appearing in a journal in the field of student personnel.  The author must be currently living in New York State or the knowledge was created at a New York State institution of higher education.

Past Recipients: 2016 - Luca Maurer; 2009 - Wendy Neifeld Wheeler; 2006 - Richard Herdlein; 2004 - Raechele Pope, Amy Reynolds, John Mueller; 2000 - Keith Anderson

Dr. Daniel Bratton Award for Outstanding Service to the Association

To honor a member of the Association for outstanding service to the College Student Personnel Association or New York State. Recipients of this award must be members of the Association and have contributed outstanding service to CSPA-NYS. Dr. Daniel Bratton was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee that founded the NYS College Student Personnel Association. He was presented with “the first ACPA State Divisional Charter” for New York State on April 8, 1968, and served as the organization's first President.

Past Recipients: 2017 - Ericka Smith-Schubart; 2015 - Jacob W. Sherry; 2014 - Dr. Peter Smith; 2013 - Dr. Amy Wilson; 2012 - Eileen Merberg; 2011 - Sarah Georger; 2010 - Kristin Skarie; 2009 - Brian Haggerty; 2008 - Matt Hinton; 2007 - Robin Diana; 2006 - Peter Fagan; 2005 - Leah Casselia; 2004 - Deb Pawlikowski; 2003 - Bill Kernan; 2002 - Eric Duchscherer; 2001 - Graham Knowles; 2000 - Marie Shuman

Meritorious Contribution as a New Professional Award

To honor an outstanding new professional member of the Association for an innovative contribution to their campus and/or CSPA-NYS. Recipients of the award must be three years or less in a full-time position in student affairs. A description detailing the nature of the contribution/project must accompany the nomination. Recipients for this award must be members of the Association.

Past Recipients: 2017 -  Chelsea Montrois; 2016 - Colvin Georges, Jr; 2015 - Stephanie Magin; 2013 - Allyson Kocivar; 2012 - Laura Dulski; 2011 - Chris Diggs; 2010 - Jessica Ecock; 2009 - Adam Casler, Tom Hardiman; 2008 - Beth Crvelin; 2006 – Russell Martin; 2005 - Michael P. Fogarty;  2004 - Bonnie Young; 2003 - Jennifer Hinton; 2001 - Nicole Qualtieri

Outstanding Graduate Student Award

This award is given to a current graduate student who has finished at least half of their academic requirements and has made a positive impact on CSPA-NYS, higher education, and/or the academic program in which they are enrolled. Nominations must be made by a professional who is a member of CSPA-NYS and/or the Director of a College Student Personnel Program within New York State. The nomination letter must highlight the student’s achievements. As part of this award, the recipient will receive a one-year membership to CSPA-NYS.

Past Recipients: 2017 - Chelsie Hinckley; 2016 - Jennifer Musone; 2015 - Hilda Myer-Post; 2013 - Kianna Thomas; 2012 - Loydes Vazquez; 2011 - Don Denz; 2010 - Stephanie Haynes; 2009 - LeAnne St. Gelais; 2006 - Michelle Utano; 2004 - Andrea Sturtevant; 2003 - Sara Bleiberg; 2002 - Janice Goca

Outstanding Social Justice Innovation Award

To recognize an Association member(s) who have contributed to the advancement of social justice through a program, presentation or initiative that took place during the year immediately prior to the annual conference. Recipients of this award must be a member of the Association.

Past Recipients: 2017 - Intercultural and Diversity Center at the University at Buffalo for Diversity Zone; 2016 - Sharon Kompalla-Porter for the RIT Food Share Program; 2015 - Dr. Shadia Sachedina; 2013 - Matt Jasinski for Adelphi University Safe Zone Program and Gender Inclusive Housing; 2008 - Doreen Hettich-Atkins, Deborah Mohlenhoff, John Rawlins for Ithaca College MLK Day

Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice

To honor a New York state resident(s) for outstanding service or significant contributions to social justice. Recipients of this award must have contributed significantly to or provided outstanding service to the state in general, and the higher education community in particular, through their commitment to social justice.

Past Recipients: 2014 - Joan Horgan; 2012 - Dr. Kathy Obear; 2008 - Cynthia Henderson