Past Recipients:

2016 - Chelsea Kettle

2015 - Nikki Youngblood

The CSPA-NYS Research Grant exists to promote the development and wide distribution of scholarship that helps to improve student affairs and higher education practice, promote student success, and realize socially just communities.

Grant applications are reviewed by a committee that may award a maximum of $1000 on an annual basis. This amount may be distributed to more than one research project in a proportion to be determined by the committee. The committee may also elect not to select a recipient. Grant recipients will be acknowledged at the annual CSPA-NYS conference.

Research Grant application information will be available during the fall 2017 semester.


  • Application for research grants must fit with the mission and purpose of CSPA-NYS.
  • All research activities must be conducted with the highest level of responsibility for protecting participants’ anonymity, confidentiality, and privacy.
  • Eligible research activities include original, descriptive, or evaluative research; philosophical studies; or institutional assessment or evaluation.
  • The principal investigator must be a CSPA-NYS member. Membership must be maintained through the duration of the grant.  Register for membership.
  • The grant is available to faculty, practitioners, and graduate students researching topics related to student affairs and higher education.

Application Materials

Project Outline:  applications must provide a comprehensive document of no more than 1500 words outlining the research and includes:

  • Cover sheet with the title of the research activity and the names and contact information of researchers, principal investigator denoted.
  • Detailed budget of how the funding is to be used.
  • Procedures for data collection and analysis.
  • Description of participants (if applicable) and any instruments to be used.
  • Brief literature review,
  • Statement of the problem or research questions,

IRB Verification:  Verification of approval from the principal investigator home institutional review board.  Verification must be provided prior to funding being awarded, but submitting it attached to the Research Grant application is optional.

Criteria for Selection

  • Topic must be focused on issues related to student affairs or higher education. Topics that explore unique issues and have the potential to inform a wide audience of practitioners will be strongly considered.
  • Must have a strong research design, paying specific attention to appropriate methodologies based on the research question(s).


  • Funds can be paid directly to the principal investigator or through the principal investigator’s institution. CSPA-NYS will not pay institutional overhead or indirect costs.
  • These funds are to be used to fund research activities. Instrument and materials costs, transcription costs, participant incentives, travel for data collection, and other direct research costs are all eligible for funding.
  • Principal investigators are expected to submit an expense report with receipts that document expenditures.


  • Research must be conducted within one calendar year of receiving funding under this grant.
  • A report is to be submitted to the CSPA-NYS Executive Board within one calendar year of receiving funding under this grant.
  • The principal investigator is expected to submit either an article/manuscript for review to the New York Journal of Student Affairs or a presentation proposal for the annual CSPA-NYS conference.
  • All published or presented findings must reference CSPA-NYS as a funding source unless restricted by journal guidelines.

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