Golden Anniversary Membership is a special 2017 campaign that celebrates 50 years of CSPA-NYS and directly supports ongoing and new initiatives and programs for CSPA-NYS members, including professional development and research grants and scholarships. Golden Anniversary Members will be recognized at the 50th Anniversary Gala at the 2017 Annual Conference, listed in the Annual Conference program and highlighted on the CSPA-NYS website.

Become a Golden Anniversary Member before October 5, 2017 to be included in the Annual Conference program.

The cost of Golden Anniversary Membership is $50.  Current CSPA-NYS student and professional members can upgrade to Golden Anniversary Membership at a discounted rate.

Become a Golden Anniversary Member

Golden Anniversary Memberships can be purchased online.  
Purchase Your Golden Anniversary Membership

Golden Anniversary Membership can also be purchased when a current CSPA-NYS membership is being renewed.  
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Golden Anniversary Members

Alicia Audino
Donald Blundell
Robert Bonfiglio
Matthew Briars
Terri Budek
Jude Butch
Michael Cattini
Elizabeth Chase
Corrine Collins-Wisor
Chris Diggs
Pat Duffy
Laura Dulski
Jessica Ecock
Benjamin Fabian

Brian Haggerty
Rosa Hanco
Doreen Hettich-Atkins
Mary Holland
Jennifer Jerussi
Melissa Kelley
Kimberly Kline
Graham Knowles
Danielle Lewis
Michael Lewis
Dennis McDonald
Eileen Merberg
Kristen Mruk
Marta Newkirk
Jonah Reardon
Barbara Ricotta
Kate Schurick
Ericka Smith-Schubart
Anne Sweet
Deborah Taub
Teah Terrance
Trish Williams
Amy Wilson
Megan Wyett
Tim Zhang
Tiffani Ziemann