CSPA-NYS is supported by member volunteers from across New York State.  Members indicate time and again that regional opportunities for professional networking and development are valuable perks of CSPA-NYS membership.  These opportunities would not exist without the hard work of our volunteers.

Event Coordinators and Volunteers

Eric Hotchkiss, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Jenn Jerussi, Union College
John Robert O’Connor, St. Lawrence  University
Rosemarie Scilipoti, Columbia University
Ericka Smith-Schubart, Rochester Institute of Technology
Bethany VanBenschoten, Utica College
Maureen Van Deusen, SUNY Broome Community College
Tim Zhang, New York University 

Rob Binnall, SUNY Cortland
Jude Butch, University at Buffalo
Ben Deangelis, Binghamton University
Karyn Dyer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jessica Ecock, Rochester Institute of Technology
Ben Fabian,  University at Buffalo
Joe Gutowski, Utica College
Travis Hill, Hamilton College

One-Day Conference Teams

New York Leadership Educators Conference: June 3, 2019

NYLEC Conference Chair: Jill Cole Splawski, Hilbert College

Educational Sessions Coordinator: Jessica Todd, Hilbert College

Annual Conference Team

Annual Conference in Rochester, NY - October 20-22, 2019

Chair: Laura Dulski, Finger Lakes Community College |  annualconference@cspanys.org
Co-Chair: Megan Lennon, SUNY Polytechnic Institute |  annualconferencecochair@cspanys.org

Accessibility and Inclusion

Christina Papaleo, SUNY Cortland (Committee Chair)
Troy Norton, University at Albany

Logistics and Volunteers

Courtney Owen, Siena College (Committee Chair)
Emikhe Tisor, University at Buffalo
Patrick Burke, University at Buffalo
Madison Tuller, University at Buffalo


Ryan Spearer, University at Buffalo (Committee Chair)
Joe Grande, University at Buffalo
Sarah Pudney, SUNY Delhi
Erica Doherty, SUNY Geneseo


Ben Fabian, University at Buffalo (Committee Chair)
Jacquelynn Akins, SUNY Fredonia
Elaine Flowers, SUNY Buffalo State
Tamra Newton, SUNY Buffalo State


Tim Gray, University at Buffalo (Committee Chair)
Annie Oswald, SUNY Delhi
Molly Downey, SUNY Geneseo
Justin Neretich, SUNY Cortland

Registration and Conference Concierge

Chelsea Lehmann, SUNY Colgate (Committee Chair)
Asiana Smith, SUNY Morrisville
Megan Marks, SUNY Morrisville
Scott Sheehan, University at Rochester

Silent Auction and Sponsorship

Katie La Vecchio, SUNY Buffalo State (Committee Chair)
Becca Snyder, Axis 360
Ashley Scapillato, University at Buffalo

Special Events

Jill Splawski, Hilbert College (Committee Co-Chair)
Michael Cattani, University at Albany (Committee Co-Chair)
Sarah Nordland, University at Buffalo
Marla Ernest, SUNY Buffalo State
Brian Gordinier, SUNY Oswego

50th Anniversary Task Force

Chris Diggs, Fashion Institute of Technology
Laura Dulski, Finger Lakes Community College
Ben Fabian, University at Buffalo
Brian Haggerty, University at Buffalo
Kim Kline, SUNY Buffalo State
Chelsea Montrois, University at Buffalo
Kristen Mruk, Genesee Community College
Tom Priester, Genesee Community College
Peter Smith, University at Buffalo