CSPA-NYS Celebrates 50 Years

CSPA-NYS Members and Friends,

It is with great pride and excitement that I announce the 50th Anniversary of CSPA-NYS.  Founded in 1967 as the New York State College Personnel Association, our organization has a great history of exemplary leadership, innovative scholarship, and rich tradition.  Fifty years later, the College Student Personnel Association of New York State, as we exist today, remains just as committed to providing excellent professional development to our members as we ever have been.

As we cross this milestone, it is a time to reflect.  This year marks not only a significant anniversary, but the end of our most recent strategic plan, which concluded in 2016.  The Final Report on the 2013-2016 Strategic Plan highlights significant achievements for our association, including an organizational brand transformation, expansion of our regional, low-cost event series, and enhancement of the online member experience.  Learn More About the CSPA-NYS Strategic Plan

Our anniversary is also a time to plan for the future.  Today, I am excited to introduce the Golden Anniversary Membership, a special 2017 campaign that will celebrate 50 years of CSPA-NYS and directly support ongoing and new initiatives and programs for members, including our grant and scholarship program.  This campaign will be critical to CSPA-NYS’ commitment to providing professional development opportunities that are affordable and accessible!  Golden Anniversary Membership is $50 and current CSPA-NYS members can upgrade at a discounted rate.  Those who join the campaign will be highlighted in multiple ways throughout the anniversary season.  Learn More and Become a Golden Anniversary Member Today

Finally, turning 50 is cause for celebration.  Throughout the remainder of the year you can look forward to joining us on a trip down memory lane.  On our social media channels and using the hashtag #CSPANYS50 we will be sharing your photos and memories, as well as portions of the CSPA-NYS archives.  Culminating in October at the 2017 Annual Conference in Corning, NY, our history will be showcased on site in a “CSPA-NYS Museum” display and celebrated at the 50th Anniversary Gala on Monday, October 16 at the Corning Museum of Glass.  Stay Tuned For How You Can Contribute

The 2017 Annual Conference theme, Mosiac, is a tribute to our anniversary, our history, and your stories.  Program proposals are currently being accepted and early-bird registration, as of today, is now open!  Register for the 2017 Annual Conference

It’s been my pleasure to serve as President during this momentous time for CSPA-NYS and I look forward to not only celebrating with you this year, but joining you as we lead CSPA-NYS into 50 more strong and vibrant years!


Benjamin Fabian
President, CSPA-NYS