Updates from the VPs of Professional Development

The last three months have been extremely busy for the CSPA-NYS PD team! We are extremely happy with what we have accomplished to date, which has included:

  • Debuting two new professional development opportunities, The Urban Campus Institute and the first part of a 3-part Virtual Series focusing on the job search process, both of which were very well attended;
  • 2 energetic Higher Ed Happy Hours in NYC and Buffalo; and
  • 1 thought-provoking Coffee and Conversation, sponsored by the University at Buffalo, focusing on effective ways to support our students of color.

In addition to these, we still have a great itinerary of events still to come this year, including:

  • 2 Higher Ed Happy Hours in Canandaigua (3/24) and Albany (4/11);
  • 2 Coffee and Conversations in the Utica area and NYC (both TBD);
  • The remaining two parts of our Virtual Lunch & Learn series (2/24 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c43vzOaXw7c) and (3/23);
  • Socials at both ACPA and NASPA this year;
  • Our annual New York Leadership Educators Conference (NYLEC), being held June 6 at SUNY Oneonta; and
  • Our annual Community College Institute (CCI), being held June 24 at Genesee Community College.

We could not pull off these great events without the help of our amazing volunteer coordinators and we are looking for people looking to get more involved for other events we have in the works. If you are interested in being a part of the dynamic, engaging professional development CSPA-NYS plans this year, email us at prodev@cspanys.org!