Proposal to Amend the CSPA-NYS Bylaws

On February 19, 2016, CSPA-NYS will be emailing all current members with a proposal to amend the bylaws of the Association. The bylaws are the governing document used by CSPA-NYS to guide all operations of the Association including the size and structure of the executive board, meetings, committees, finances, and the election or removal of board members. Each current member will then have the opportunity to vote for or against these proposed changes until voting closes on March 20, 2016. For those interested, the current Bylaws of our organization can be found at

To make sure you receive this proposal and the executive summary, the executive board asks all members to please check their membership status and update it before the deadline to vote on the bylaws closes on Sunday, March 20. Individuals can update their membership by going to Login with your information or request it from the system and renew your membership online. If you have questions about this process please contact our Membership Coordinator, Raymond FeDora, at

If you are not a current member, feel free to register at We welcome new members and past members of the organization to sign up with our new membership registration system and have a part in this important change of our organization.