Member Spotlight - Stephanie Magin

Stephanie Magin
Residence Hall Director - Campus Living
University at Buffalo

CSPA-NYS Member Since 2015

Involvement in CSPA-NYS:  2015 Annual Conference - Pre-Conference Committee Member; Meritorious Contribution as a New Professional Award - 2015 Recipient; 2016 Annual Conference - Programming Committee Member; Host for Jan. 2016 Coffee & Conversation at UB

How did you become involved in CSPA-NYS: I was encouraged by my supervisor, Peter Smith. He was supportive of my involvement, and knew that I would enjoy CSPA-NYS. He also wrote my nomination for the Meritorious Contribution as a New Member award, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!

What is one of your best memories from your involvement in CSPA-NYS: I've only had good experiences with CSPA-NYS, so it's hard to choose just one memory! I would say that working with the Pre-Cons this past year was really awesome, and I was proud of the work that Jenn Jerussi did with the Case Study Competition for the Annual Conference. It was amazing to work so hard on something, and then see it succeed.

Who is an individual who has most impacted you in your development as a student affairs professional: I had a really wonderful hall director while I was an undergrad at SUNY Oswego. Her name is Sam Soren, and I wouldn't be in the field today if she hadn't encouraged me to apply to AHD positions after undergrad. I was really struggling with what to do after undergrad since I had realized my Senior year that I liked being an RA more than I liked going to my meteorology classes, but she was calm, understanding, and convinced I would do well. She gave me the chance to create our RA duty schedule, run some in-hall training sessions for new staff members, and worked with me on resume writing and interviewing skills. Looking back on it, I was not the greatest RA (I was stubborn and constantly used the phrase "We did it like THIS last year"), but Sam never lost her patience with me. I enjoyed working with her, and I'll always be thankful for the opportunities she gave me!

What literature are you currently reading: Professionally, I'm reading (slowly but surely) "Student Development in College" since my Masters degree is in adolescent education and not higher education. Personally, I just started reading "Eat, Pray, Love" and I am LOVING it!