July E-Lert: CSPA-NYS Newsletter

Keynote Speakers Announced for 2015 Annual Conference

For more information about our Keynote Speakers please visit their websites below:

Marcy Levy Shankman: http://www.mlsconsulting.net/about/

Nancy Hunter Denney: http://www.nancyhunterdenney.com/

CSPA-NYS Annual Award Nominations

Awards are presented at the CSPA-NYS Annual Conference, which will be held this year at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Syracuse, NY from October 3-6, 2015. In addition to recognition at our conference, award recipients will be noted on the association website and announced through our social media feeds.

In order to nominate a colleague, simply submit a letter of nomination using the awards nomination form found below. All submissions will be reviewed by our awards committee, comprised of general members and executive board members. If you wish to submit multiple nominations, please use a separate form for each nominee.

The Awards:
Outstanding Contribution to the Profession Award
Distinguished Service to Higher Education Award
Significant Research/Publication Award
Dr. Daniel Bratton Award for Outstanding Service to the Association
Meritorious Contribution as a New Professional Award
Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Outstanding Social Justice Innovation Award
Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice

Get Involved with CSPA-NYS

The Membership team is looking for active and interested CSPA-NYS members to join the Welcoming Committee!

This committee, whose time commitment will be minimal, will be responsible for welcoming new members to CSPA-NYS and re-welcoming our long time members. From introductory phone calls to sending some hand-written notes, this committee won't take more than an hour every two or three weeks of your time. If you are interested, please contact Ray FeDora at membership@cspanys.org.

CSPA-NYS Member Spotlight

Residence Life - Area Coordinator | SUNY Geneseo

Marketing Chair/VP for Communication - Elect | Member Since 2013
MS - College Student Personnel Services, Arkansas State University
BS - Psychology, Missouri University of Science & Technology

Who got you involved/How did you become involved with CSPA-NYS?
Sarah Frank encouraged me to attend my first CSPA-NYS conference. She helped me register to become a member and encouraged me to try and get involved. I joined the 2014 Conference Team and I remember reaching out to Eileen Merberg about my interest in working with the website. I have been actively involved ever since.

What has been a benefit/highlight of your CSPA-NYS membership thus far?
The opportunities I have had to work with the organization and the people I have met through CSPA-NYS. Coming in to New York from the Midwest was a big change for me and getting to know so many great professionals in the area has really helped me to develop myself into a better professional as well as helped me to get my bearings. 

What advice would you have for CSPA-NYS members who are looking to get more involved with the Association
Go to the website, chat with current board members, and find your interest. There are many ways you can get involved in CSPA-NYS and if you just ask and let them know, they are more than willing to work with you to try and get you involved.

What book are you currently reading? 
Working on my personal reading at the moment. Swapping between re-reading And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and a new book my sister got me hooked on titled What the Night Knows by Dean Koontz. I love a good mystery or thriller!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Power over magnetism sounds cool. To fly and create constructs from metal with mere thought. Also would never put out my back trying to move anything heavy.

CSPA-NYS Member Spotlight

Assistant Director of Garthwait Leadership Center | Gettysburg College
Member Since 2013

Who got you involved/How did you become involved with CSPA-NYS?
My supervisor Jude Butch said to me “You should go to this conference, it would be a good experience for you.” As a new grad who didn’t know Chickering from Gilligan, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved in something. While at the conference Jude encouraged Jon Hulbert and I to participate in the Case Study Competition. With about six weeks of graduate school knowledge under our belts we entered, presented, and lost. It was a terrifying and awesome experience. I never expected to win, but I did in a way because I learned so much from getting outside my comfort zone. After a rousing speech from Tom Priester about getting involved, I decided to volunteer to be on the Next Generation Pre-Conference Committee. The rest is history!

What has been a benefit/highlight of your CSPA-NYS membership thus far?
Learning how to network! I would describe myself as outgoing and enthusiastic with a dash of awkward uncertainty. This makes networking with professionals a really nerve wracking experience because I’m so excited about the field that I can come off as…a bit much. The biggest benefit of my CSPA-NYS membership has been the opportunity to learn how to network gracefully by observing others and then actually getting to practice at the conference. I feel much more prepared to attend other conferences in the future.

What book are you currently reading?
Currently I’m reading textbooks for graduate school, which are interesting, but not my first choice. I used to work in a public library and I majored in English during my undergrad so I have a never-ending list of books on my “To-Be-Read” list on Goodreads. Next up on my list is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I saw the movie and now I have to read the book!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
My super power would be time travel. Hermione Granger had a Time Turner in the Harry Potter series so she could attend extra classes and I always thought that was a brilliant idea. I would absolutely love to be able to manipulate time. If there were an extra one or two hours between 1PM and 2PM each day, my Outlook would be really happy.