E-Lert: CSPA-NYS Newsletter - June 2015 Edition

NY Journal of SA: Vol. 15, No. 1 - April 2015

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Turning Graduate School Aspirations into Enrollment: How Student Affairs Professionals Can Help African American Students - Carmen Michelle McCallum


Upcoming Events


Call for 2016 NYLEC & CCI Chairs


CSPA-NYS is currently soliciting interested members to serve as the 2016 Community College Institute (CCI) and New York Leadership Educators Conference (NYLEC) Chairpersons. If you are interested in serving as a Chair and host for either NYLEC or CCI, please submit a letter of interest to Pat Duffy, Vice President of Professional Development - Elect, at prodev@cspanys.org accompanied by a letter of support from your institution. Any questions about the nature of this role or specifics pertaining to CCI or NYLEC can also be directed to Pat Duffy at prodev@cspanys.org. All submissions are due by July 10, 2015.

Read HERE for more information about the CCI & NYLEC Chairperson positions.

New CSPA-NYS Board Members

Congratulations to the following newly appointed CSPA-NYS Executive Board Members!

Terms for these positions begin November 2015.

  • Jacob Sherry - Communication Coordinator
  • Raymond FeDora - Membership Coordinator
  • Justin Dickerson - Graduate & New Professionals Representative

Member Spotlight

Residence Hall Director | University at Albany | Member Since 2014
Moonlighting as a Program Coordinator for a credit-bearing Alternative Spring Break program in Costa Rica!

Who got you involved/How did you become involved with CSPA-NYS?
My department’s Director invited me to the attend the conference this year which is when I became an official member. 

What has been a benefit/highlight of your CSPA-NYS membership thus far?
I’ve enjoyed planning the November On The Road – Albany event with Ben Fabian, and I was excited to network with other student affairs professionals at the event!

What book are you currently reading?
For work/school: “Portraits in Leadership: Six Extraordinary University Presidents” by Arthur Padilla
For pleasure: “What I was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir” by Kristin Newman (I have a serious case of wanderlust.  While I am passionate about student affairs, I often contemplate Eat, Pray, Loving it out of here!) 

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
Not quite a super power, but I’d love a pause button and the ability to freeze time.  I’d just pause time in the middle of the day, tackle my to do list, and then spend the rest of my time enjoying genuine student interactions rather than sitting in meetings to plan more meetings! 

Member Spotlight

Residential Life | University at Albany| Member Since 2014
Award from Department of Residential Life: Student Staff Member of the Year (2008-2009); Department of Residential Life Showcase Award Winning Program: Keepin’ It Klassy Week (2012);  Trainer and Facilitator for the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI); Department of Residential Life Training Workshops: “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (focused on stress versus burn out), “Speak Your Minds” (focused on public speaking), “Am I Doing Too Much?” (focused on time management)

Who got you involved/How did you become involved with CSPA-NYS?
My current supervisor, Leandra Harris, and the Director of Residential Life, Laurie Garafola.

What has been a benefit/highlight of your CSPA-NYS membership thus far?
Attending the CSPA 2014 Conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. The conference gave me the opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and network with other professionals. The conference also taught me so much about developing professionally and thinking outside the box when it comes to transitioning through higher education.

What book are you currently reading?
“The People Factor” by Van Moody

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
That is a good question. Invisibility. This would give me the opportunity to be a fly on the wall in some situations or disappear when I want to.