Membership Spotlight - November 2015

Laura Dulski
Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life | Finger Lake Community College Association
Secretary | CSPA-NYS | Member Since 2009

Who got you involved/how did you become involved with CSPA-NYS?
The oh so fabulous Sarah Frank! Sarah saw my desire to get involved professionally and to prepare to enter the workforce once I graduated from graduate school and encouraged me to join and attend CSPA. I first attended as a Graduate Student in 2010 and have been on the planning committee ever since, minus my one year of major life transition in 2014. After I took a year off from my professional development I decided it was time to dive back in and pursue other leadership options within CSPA. I was fortunate to be nominated and voted in for the Secretary position on the Executive Board for 2015-2016. I am also currently planning a Finger Lakes Happy Hour with Becca Snyder for early 2016.
What book are you currently reading?
Sadly in the moment I am not reading any. Can’t wait for a little down time to re-join my winter book club!
What is one of your best memories from CSPA-NYS?
Some of the best memories I have are from Chairing Special Events and planning fun activities for annual conference with my amazing teams and especially my good friend Margaret Whelehan! The other most memorable moment I have is going to Karaoke with Jamie Jueckstock, Eileen Merberg, Kim Harvey, Sarah Frank, Tom Priester and the list goes on…it’s always a good time with that crew!
What advice would you have for CSPA-NYS member who are looking to get more involved with the Association?
REACH OUT! There are always opportunities to get involved. If you don’t want to be in the spotlight planning an event the best way to start getting involved is through being a planning committee member for Annual Conference. Attending professional development opportunities like NYLEC and the CCI are also great ways to get involved in a smaller more intimate setting.