If you would like to be involved in any of these opportunities please contact CSPA at presidents@cspanys.org


Become an Executive Board Member

Nominate a Colleague for an Award

Committee Work

  • Ad Hoc
  • Award & Scholarships Selection
  • Communications
  • Elections
  • Welcoming (Membership)

Recruiting & Outreach - Strategic Partners

Research & Build Supervisor Support Contract


Create Content

  • NY Journal of Student Affairs articles
  • Monthly e-lert
  • Website


  • Social Media
    • Live tweet at our events
    • Share/like/follow/engage with us
    • Market our events on your social media accounts
  • Photographer
  • Present the Benefits of CSPA to your colleagues or students
  • Write or record a testimonial for promotional use
  • Forward pertinent information to your colleagues/friends



  • Thank you letters (volunteers, etc)

Recruiting & Outreach

  • Invite a Colleague
  • Prospective member presentations

Welcome Team

Professional Development

Committee Work

  • Conference (Annual, NYLEC, etc.)
  • PD General

Conference Site Research (Annual, NYLEC, etc.)

Host Events

  • Higher Ed Happy Hour
  • Coffee and Conversation
  • Virtual Lunch and Learn
  • Twitter Chats
  • Serve as NYLEC Chair

Introduce conference presenters

Present at a conference (Annual, CCI, NYLEC, etc.)

Program Review