Sunday Morning Workshops

Sunday, October 15, 10:00am-12:00pm

Navigating a Conference: How to Make the Most of It
Jackie Martin, Mary Holland Bavis

DISCover Your Supervision Style: The Class that Wasn’t Offered in Graduate School
Jude Butch, Ally McCarthy

Non-Violence as a Tool for Student Advocacy
Terri Budek, Kerry Spicer

Swift Kick: Turning Apathy into Action

Educational Sessions

Sunday, October 15, 2:00pm-2:50pm

Missing Middle in Curriculum Implementation
Mary Duex, Tyler Pundt, Vinnie Gravanda

The New Old Science of Positive Psychology: Philosophy and Tools for Practice
John Robert O'Connor

CSPA-NYS Presidents Panel- Lessons Learned
Doreen Hettich-Atkins

Pokemon GO! and Higher Ed: Experiential Education in the Digital Environment
Dave Eng

Sunday, October 15, 3:00pm-3:50pm

Leading Yourself to Success: The Importance of Self Leadership
Beth Chase, Lateef Wearrien

Disability as Diversity: Access in the Digital Age
Nazely Kurkjian, Gabriella Vasta

Is it Time to Level Up: Evaluating and Planning Next Steps
Peter Smiht, Kate Burrow

Going Global: Planning and Implementing Short-Term Study Abroad Experiences
Kim Kline, Chelsea Kettle, Lauren Rothschild

Monday, October 16, 9:00am-9:50am

Going Global- Implementing an Internationalized Curriculum at Graduate Level
Chelsea Kettle

Finding Strength and Value in Alternative Sanctioning
Kate Schurick, Trish Williams

The Five Essential Elements: Infusing Clubs and Organizations with Leadership Development
Zac Barbis, Brittany Richards

Monday, October 16, 10:00am-10:50am

Blended High-Impact Experiential Learning
Dave Eng

Approaches to Engaging Faculty in Student Programming
Danielle Lewis

Excelsior Scholarship
Patricia Thompson

A Celebration of Black Artists: Black History Month at an Art College
Cullen Rude

Monday, October 16, 11:00am-11:50am

But…We Have Always Done it This Way
Luke Haumesser

Understanding and Supporting Conservative Students on Campus
Maureen Van Deusen, Ben DeAngelis

Does Online Education Have a Role in Your Office
Rebecca Harrington

Hacking Our Health: Fostering a Maker culture for Student Empowerment and Success
Trevor Jones, Mike Buffalin

Monday, October 15, 2:50pm-3:40pm

How to Strike GOLD with an Educational Plan
Tim Gray, Julie Moslow, Ryan Spearer

Student Affairs in the Global Context
Lei Tong

Redefining Disability: How to be a True Advocate
Andrea Gustafson, Christina Papaleo

The Leadership Experience Pre-Orientation
Karoline Sears, Matt Milless, Adrienne Jensen-Doray, Samantha St. Marie, Andrew Cassarino

Tuesday, October 16, 9:15am-10:05am

Developing First Year Experience Learning Community
Jason Fishner, Casey Smith

CSPA-NYS 2020: A Roadmap to Continued Success
Jude Butch, Chris Diggs, Ben Fabian

Strengths, Passions, and Career Trajectory: How to Land Your Dream Job
Terri Mangione, Amanda Bingel

Tuesday, October 16, 10:10am-10:50am

Understanding Student Veterans
Chelsea O'Brien

Leading Change: Tools for Managers
Chris Diggs

A Comedy Medley: Applying Leadership Lessons from Comedy to Your Work and the Students You Work With
Eileen Merberg